Several of the workpackage results are available under OpenSource licenses:
  • eeMark
  • The eeMark benchmark is designed to determine the performance and efficiency of HPC systems. In order to support multiple instruction set architectures, the benchmark is implemented in the high level programming language C. Furthermore, HPC systems typically are distributed memory systems with multiple compute nodes that are connected via a network. MPI is used as communication and synchronization library between the participating nodes and processes, as it is architecture independent and commonly used in the HPC community.

    Download eeMark Version 1.0

  • eeDaemon
  • The eeDaemon software package provides a C-programming interface to adjust hardware power saving modes (Prozessor, Network and Harddisk) from the userspace.

    Download eeDaemon Version 1.0

  • Nehalem Uncore PAPI-C component
  • PAPI-C component for Uncore Performance Counter from Intel Nehalem processors via perfmon2 interface.

    Download Nehalem Uncore PAPI-C component

  • PowerTracer
  • The PowerTracer software package is an interface to the ZES LMG450 power measurement devices written in C.

    Download PowerTracer Version 1.0

  • PowerTracer Plugin
  • VampirTrace Plugin Counter for tracing power consumption via PowerTracer.

    Download PowerTracer Plugin

  • DBConnector
  • The DBConnector is a simple interface for tracing measurement values into a postgresql- or sqlite database. Used by PowerTracer and PowerTracer Plugin packages.

    Download DBConnector Version 1.0